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How to Improve Your Odds of Winning the Lottery

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Who else wants to increase their chances of winning the lottery?

Are you really tired of working 9-5, or slaving over several jobs and prepared to win a big jackpot and Re-Tire to paradise? Or maybe you already play the lottery daily in the community city or town, or take to unique games of chance online, and so are merely searching for some easy ways to amp UP your fortune? Or maybe… love me, you’ve read incredible stories of several men and women who have won multiple lotteries many instances, and would like to find the interior SCOOP to the successful strategies they have used?

The truth is, there are all kindsĀ macantogel of booklets, tips and Guide books available for improving your odds of winning a jackpot, and most of these, as I am sure you already know, are pure hogwash as well.

The good news?

Several of the most prosperous lotto winners of time, including most of the famous instances of folks who have won MANY days, have repeatedly referenced 3 very straightforward, very clinically validated techniques for improving your odds at winning the major cash prize.


Dream Patterning

Contrary to popular belief, there have been lots of studies of precognition, by way of example, that strongly suggest that every one of us actually”knows” the near future until it happens, and also that with exercise, and empowerment, we are able to train our minds to actually SEE what is in our future, ahead of when it actually takes place.

As a matter of fact… in a recent analysis that made BIG news (it is possible to learn about yourself if you believe it sounds too farfetched to be true!) A world famous statistician, Daryl Bem, did tests to measure the power of precognition and psychic instinct in normal individuals, by putting them around machines which measured their blood pressure and heartbeat as well as other vital signs. Then they flashed pictures in the front of these in rapid sequence, all while tracking their reaction into images they’d perhaps not yet seen, but were coming a split second after every measurement.

What they discovered was ASTONISHING! (and mentioned in major papers across the globe )

That people actually responded to images BEFORE they actually saw them. (men got stimulated a millisecond before a sexual picture, or started to wake up before being revealed a burning construction, etc)

Lots of folks who have successfully won lotteries to a consistent basis have reported that the exact SAME phenomena at work, just as a result of their power and training.

The key?

Visualizing the lottery amounts being drawn, and actually with your default option instinct, or ability of precognition to proceed over time to watch the drawing unfold.

Or practicing the preceding using dream interpretation instead.

Or of course, simply having a psychic reading done at which you are focus, and concentrate on your personal numbers, or having the instinctive read back what they view in your own mind, when you go to this place at the future where your winning numbers have been picked!

Sound crazy?

Not only have you ever seen it appear close and in my own OWN life to a smaller scale (I’ve won 2 online flash games which have a tiny purse, but’ve experienced growing success with pictures and drawings employing the methods above) however OTHER people who’re popular as routinely”blessed” with lotteries, charge the aforementioned methods, and the use of outside psychic assistance, to own quietly played significant roles within their own fortunes for ages. (and when something works for a single man MORE than formerly… I am not planning to assert!)

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